Sonoff and Espurna - Powerful Automation Switches

In this post I’ll describe how I take a sub-$5 Wifi-enabled electrical switch, flash it with open-source firmware, and incorporate it into my home automation. This is a cheap way of being able to turn any small electrical device on and off wirelessly.

AD Health & Security Check-up

As the Identity and Authentication source of most Enterprises, Active Directory is the backbone of local and federated authentication. Coupled with the prevalence of Cloud computing, organizations are depending more-and-more on federated authentication and expanding their Active Directory into the Cloud.

NetbiosSMB Missing Binding

While investigating the demise of NetBIOS and how to fully remove it from a network I came across and interesting observation.

The Case of the Four Folders

A client recently called in with an interesting problem. When users would create a new folder on a network share, four folders would appear instead of one. Even more interesting is that this was only happening for those users when connecting to the share from a Windows 10 workstation. The same user accessing the share from Windows 7 would only create a single folder.