Server Troubleshooting

With experience ranging from Windows Server 2000 through 2019, as well as Linux and OS X, I can troubleshoot most server related issues.

Active Directory

Whether it's securing. recovering, troubleshooting, or extending, I can help. A healthy Active Directory is the heart of your network, don't wait until it's too late! A quick health checkup can save days of restoring.

Group Policy

Take control over your entire network with properly applied Group Policies. Implement Microsoft recommended security settings, deploy software, lock-down workstations. Group Policy can do it all!

Logging & Monitoring

Get deep insight into the activity of your servers, applications, Domain, and websites. Centralize logging in one place and get the alerts you need to solve problems before anyone notices. You can log and it doesn't have to be expensive!


Take advantage of a new class of software to automate away repetitive tasks. Using integrations from Zapier, Microsoft Flow, StackStorm and others, you can eliminate repetitive tasks and automate your actions and responses.


The workstations inside your network are the new security perimeter, not the firewall. Assume a workstation is compromised and let me show you your network as an attacker would see it. Then we can work on keeping them out.


Want to test the waters with Cloud solutions to alleviate some on-premise headaches? Let me help you plan your hybrid Domain and take advantage of the best of both worlds.

IoT & Sensors

Looking to bridge the physical and virual world? Whether is cost saving through energy management (lighting, HVAC), or a custom solution utilizing micro-controllers and sensors, I can help.

With almost 20 years of experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Windows Server and Microsoft products both on-premise and remotely, you can be sure that with me you’ll receive thorough and professional work.

The combination of a Systems Administration methodology cultivated over two decades along with a strong knowledge of current solutions, SAAS offerings, and market Vendors, allows me to recommend and implement software solutions to meet all budgets. I have a special fondness of Open-source solutions which can mean significant savings on software costs!

Whether you’re looking for someone to manage a migration, find you a solution, or fix what broke, contact me and let me know how I can help.

Please email me through the link below