My name is Arnaud and I’m a Systems and Infrastructure consultant with over 15 years experience servicing clients both in Pittsburgh and remotely across the country. I specialize in Microsoft technologies - Windows Server, Active Directory, Group Policy, O365, Azure - but maintain a platform agnostic approach and often integrate open-source software (often backed by Linux) into my projects.

I assist medium sized companies in architecting their networks, evaluating their on-premise hardware needs, and planning for Cloud expansion, and small businesses in finding simple solutions to reduce time spent on non-core business activities and enable growth without additional headache. Whether you’re looking to extend into Cloud offerings, secure your on-premise servers, extend Active Directory, or gain insight into your current infrastructure, I can help.

On a personal note, I’m an avid traveler and will also use this blog to document my travels. For now I’ll contain it to a running list of countries visited:
Canada, Belize, Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru, Jamaica, Bahamas, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Czechia, Thailand, Vietnam

I’m also a home automation enthusiast and a proud proponent of the open-source Home Assistant software. You can read over an introductory presentation I created or watch me present it.

If you’d like to reach me please use any of the links below.