My name is Arnaud. For the past 18 years I’ve been a Systems Administrator/Engineer/Consultant focusing on Microsoft technologies and Systems Infrastructure. I’ve maintained Datacenters and Enterprise computing environments, guided businesses through times of transition, and helped clients re-build after a crisis.

While I specialize in Microsoft technologies - Windows Server, Active Directory, Group Policy, O365, Azure - I routinely deploy Linux servers and containers for projects as showcased in my blog.

I assist medium sized companies in architecting their networks, evaluating their on-premise hardware needs, and planning for Cloud expansion, and small businesses in finding simple solutions to reduce time spent on non-core business activities.

I also enjoy using automation to help businesses. This can either be physical automation based on sensors and IoT (controlling temp, lights, or anything based on sensor input) or software automation integrating Cloud services (Microsoft Flow, Zapier, SaaS offerings).

I’m a home automation enthusiast and a proud proponent of the open-source Home Assistant software. You can read over an introductory presentation I created or watch me present it. I’ll also be showcasing some micro-controller related projects of mine on this site soon.

If you’d like to reach me please use any of the links below.